Counselling, Support, Intervention for Refugees

FLUCHTpunkt is a contact address for refugees; a coordinating office dedicated to the aid and support of refugees in Tyrol. Our services are available to all refugees in need of assistance regardless of their legal status.

Our aim is to ensure the acknowledgement and implementation of your social and legal rights. If you choose to contact us, our first task is to understand and clarify your request – with the help of a translator when necessary. We can then advise you regarding your personal situation, and refer you when necessary to other supporting services.
Female counselors are available for all women who prefer this option.

Counselling in matters of social and legal rights

FLUCHTpunkt can offer councselling services and support in following areas:

  • Questions as to minimum living standards
  • Legal process of asylum, questions and legal costs
  • Residency status and other problems concerning legal right of alins
  • Custody and pending deportation
  • Health problems, financial dilemma, social difficulties or other problems associated with day to day living (for example, the search for safe sleeping quarter, gratuitous meals and employment)


  • For legal representation
  • For a medical doctor, psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist, also in the case of an uninsured status
  • To other social services, which could offer you assistance in your current individual needs


  • For example, to appointments with official authorities